What is a Bingo Number Generator?

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When you play at a bingo site, you don’t expect others to be given a better chance of winning than you. After all, this would simply be unfair and would make playing the game a lot less enjoyable. Luckily, there’s a complex algorithm used at all trusted bingo sites to ensure everyone gets an equal chance, and it’s called a bingo number generator (or a random number generator).

All sites we recommend use a tried and tested bingo number generator. If we even have the slightest suspicion that a site isn’t acting in a fair way, we’ll stop recommending it straightaway, plus we’d expose it by letting everyone know.

What is a Bingo Number Generator

How Do Bingo Number Generators Work?

Bingo number generators generate a stream of numbers, each one corresponding to a number in the game. These numbers continually tick over at an exceptionally fast rate, and when it’s time for a number to be drawn, the random number generated at exactly the moment of the draw is selected. Every number has an equal chance of being the one selected by the random number generator.

It’s not just the game of bingo that uses number generators. All other casino games use them too, aside from live casino games. For example, a random number generator is used to select the symbols spinning into view on a slot machine, or the cards dealt in a game of blackjack. Without random number generators, there simply wouldn’t be any fair bingo or casino games found online.

Are RNGs Fair?

One of the biggest worries for those looking to start playing bingo online is whether the game is really fair. In response, most experts will point out the number generators as proof that the games are completely honest. But are the number generators themselves fair?

The answer is that they are definitely fair when you play at a site regulated by the Gambling Commission (such as all the bingo sites we recommend). The Gambling Commission gives licences out allowing gambling companies to operate in the UK, and bingo sites will have to jump through a lot of hoops before they’re granted a licence. One of these is agreeing to their number generator being tested by an external body.

This external body, which will be a company like eCOGRA, goes over the number generator in great detail, looking to make sure it really is completely random and hasn’t been tampered with in any way. If a bingo site’s number generator wasn’t fair, they wouldn’t even come close to getting a licence from the Gambling Commission, and therefore wouldn’t be able to accept UK players.

Find Trustworthy Sites Using Fair Number Generators

It’s incredibly easy to find online bingo sites that use fair number generators. Quite simply, you need to look through the sites we recommend here at BingoSites.com, all of which have a licence from the Gambling Commission. So, just look through our reviews and pick the site that looks best to you – they’re all completely honest and you’ll have a fair chance of winning in every game you take part in.


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