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When it comes to choosing a bingo site worth your time, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees.

Here at, we are dedicated to giving our readers the most honest, accurate and fair bingo site reviews.

Our kaleidoscope of knowledgeable bingo experts works very hard to research and extensively test bingo sites to save you the time and leg work.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on how we select and rate the bingo sites we review.


The Criteria we Look at

It is irrelevant to us whether or not a site is brand new to the bingo scene, or has been around for a decade – we will rigorously check each site with the same criteria to bring you the most honest and impartial advice we can.

Armed with this knowledge, you have a much better chance of having a great experience when playing your favourite bingo games.

Below, our team of experts have listed (with a brief explanation) some of the main criteria we look for when picking out the best bingo sites for your consideration.


For a start, at we will never recommend a site to you which doesn’t hold a verifiable gaming license as legally required by the Gambling Commission.

We investigate all aspects of the security features of a bingo site before we recommend it to you. Not just the basics such as licencing and regulation, but also a number of other factors such as an anti-fraud department, customer fund protection levels, and secure deposit methods.

When it comes to customer fund protection, each bingo site will differ.

Here are the three different types of fund protection available at UK bingo sites:

  • Low/Basic Fund Protection: If the bingo site goes bust, unfortunately, your money would be taken with it to pay off any business debt.
  • Medium Fund Protection: This means that measures – for example, insurance and segregation – have been put into place to protect your money. This is not a 100% guarantee but is better than no protection.
  • High Fund Protection: As you might have predicted, this type of protection is watertight. Your funds will be segregated from the bingo site’s business funds. In the event of bankruptcy, your money will be returned to you by a third party.

Ideally, the fund protection rate offered by an online bingo site should be of medium or high protection. As such, we always take that into consideration before singing the praises of a bingo site’s security and protection for the player.


We know that most players want the biggest and best bonuses from their favourite bingo games. Of course, just one of the pitfalls with playing online bingo is that a big fancy bonus might not always be what it seems.

Crucially, there are thousands of online bingo sites available at your fingertips.

But, one of the common complaints amongst players is that they choose a site for a, particularly attractive bonus, only to discover they would have to wager an extortionate amount of money in order to be able to withdraw their winnings!

We think that kind of takes the shine off, so by getting there first, we can make our readers aware of any potential bonus stipulations before you’ve even entered your card details.


Our team spend hours searching new bingo titles available as well as old classics and everything in between.

We extensively test and play these bingo games so that we can give you honest reviews and make you aware of any available bonuses, bingo tips and fees applicable.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, we think the more options the better. Generally speaking, a good bingo site will have email support, a telephone number and a postal address. However, the best bingo sites will offer up to date features such as live chat, and 24/7 customer support.

We investigate a bingo site’s customer service level as standard, as it is such a big part of the online bingo experience.

After all, there is no point in having a visually brilliant and exciting bingo site, only to discover when you need help it’s a lengthy and frustrating ordeal to talk to someone.

Terms and Conditions

At, when we are reviewing a particular bingo website, we will always be sure to check the underlying terms and conditions.

The main reason for doing so is to make you aware of any wagering requirements, as well as withdrawal times and fees (where applicable). This also includes the payment methods which might be available for you to deposit into your bingo pot.

Mobile Accessibility

Not all bingo sites are created equally. So, when we are testing a bingo site out, an additional thing we look at is whether the platform can be accessed on a mobile phone. If it can, we then look at the quality and fluidity of the game, and how that is affected by playing on a mobile phone or a tablet for instance.

We know that whilst some people like to play bingo on their home computer, many people these days like the convenience of playing on the move. So, the quality of the platform on your mobile (or the fact it is not mobile compatible at all) could be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right bingo site for you.

Ongoing Review Maintenance

The last thing we would want is for you to sign up to a bingo site based on one of our reviews only to discover it’s lost its shine. For instance, sometimes a bingo site which used to be great can drop its standards. In that case, we certainly wouldn’t put our name to that site.

So with this in mind, our dream team here at continuously strive to keep our bingo site reviews fresh and relevant for our readers.

A bingo site review will never go stale on our watch. Our team frequently check the older reviews to ensure that there aren’t any which are no longer correct or relevant.

What we Don’t do

We don’t get paid by bingo sites to give them glowing reviews. On the contrary, we are a totally independent online bingo review site.

In contrast to some review sites, here at, we believe in being totally impartial and honest at all times. Whether our team of experts write a negative or positive review about a bingo site, it will always be based on our honest opinion and findings.

Who Writes our Reviews?

At the risk of repeating ourself, we are proud to say that our reviews are all written by an amazing group of experienced and knowledgeable online bingo experts – each one dedicated to bringing you the latest news, bingo games, reviews and extra bonuses to look out for.

To Conclude

We at work hard to sift through all of the bonuses available through a vast amount of different bingo sites, as well as software providers in order to guide you towards the best bingo sites available at all times!


Are Reviews at Done by a Third-Party?
Absolutely not. At we are an independent review website with our own team of experienced bingo experts of all shapes, ages and sizes.
Are Paid to Write Good Reviews?
No, they are not. We are a completely impartial bingo review site, and any positive or negative reviews we publish are honest and unbiased at all times.
Are all of the Bingo Sites Recommended Safe to use?
Yes. For your peace of mind, and because we have ethics, after hours of intensive research our team will only ever recommend fully licenced and legally above board bingo sites.
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