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There are many different reasons to get into playing online bingo; some like the game itself because of the fast-paced and exciting nature of it, while others are drawn to the fact that it is a relatively simple game to learn. Or, it could be for the social element with many sites having chat rooms available so that players can talk between themselves.

One of the main attractions though is the fact that a high number of bingo sites have loyalty/VIP schemes available for their players, which helps to keep them coming back. Some of these are highly regarded and in this guide, we will explore all of the ins and outs of loyalty schemes at online bingo sites.


What are bingo loyalty/VIP schemes?

What are bingo loyalty VIP schemes

For a lot of online bingo enthusiasts, many of them like it when a new bingo brand launches, because there is a sense of eager anticipation about how they might differ from the ones that they are familiar with.

When you join a new bingo site, it is usually the case that they cannot do enough for you, because they are eager to make a really good first impression, though this indicates that the novelty can soon wear off.

The fact is that bingo sites know that they need players to keep coming back and as a result of this, they were quick to realise that there needed to be a strong incentive. This is where VIP and loyalty programs come in.

How they work is that bingo sites give players bonuses and rewards for continuing to return to play on their site and make deposits to then purchase tickets and take part in the various games that they have available; similar to how shops and loyalty cards work.

As an example, you might receive 10 loyalty points when you make a deposit of £10 which could be used as free credit for the games. Or, it could well be the case that you are rewarded with a certain amount of loyalty points when you take part in a side game of bingo and emerge as the winner.

Essentially, the more loyalty points that you earn, the more incentives and rewards there are for you to be able to capitalise on. It is often the case that for the higher number of loyalty points that you accumulate as a player, it means that you sometimes are able to exchange these points for bonuses that can be used on bingo games or slots which many bingo sites now offer.

Some of the bigger and more well-established bingo brands also usually have bigger rewards available such as gift vouchers or even physical prizes.


Every site differs when it comes to VIP/Loyalty schemes 

Where online bingo players sometimes become disillusioned is when the sites differ in how they value their loyalty points. By way of example, one site might equate £2 to four loyalty points, while another may assign a value of two loyalty points to the same amount. This is why it is important to choose the right bingo site that is right for you, especially if VIP and loyalty schemes are something that you value highly in your online bingo experience.


How do you achieve VIP status in online bingo?

Accumulating loyalty points is just step one on the ladder of a bingo site’s loyalty scheme and there is often more to it. What you will find is that the best bingo sites have their unique VIP program which is structured in various tiers. These work on the basis that the player will progress further up the various tiers that are available based on the number of points that they are awarded. It is often the case then, that once they reach the next tier, more benefits open up to them which could include entry into exclusive VIP bingo games, which might have a bigger jackpot available to the winner.

What a typical online bingo site’s loyalty scheme might look like is below:


  • Bronze: 100 points
  • Silver: 200 points
  • Gold: 400 points
  • Platinum/Diamond: 600 points

As illustrated, it can sometimes take quite a lot of points to progress between levels (every site differs in how many points are typically needed) and as such players sometimes find themselves depositing regularly to try and get to the next level quickly. It might also be the case that reaching these tiers have a clock on them and as a result, could well be time sensitive.

For example, if you haven’t reached the next level in a certain amount of days, your existing loyalty points might disappear and you may find that you have to start again. It is recommended that if VIP schemes are important to you, then you should join the bingo site that gives you the best conversion ratio when it comes to points and deposits.


Benefits of loyalty and VIP schemes at bingo sites

Depending on which bingo site appeals to you the most, each one will have a various amount of attractive benefits that are associated with their VIP and loyalty schemes. While virtually all of them have the aim of converting your loyalty points into bingo or slot bonuses there are also other perks that customers might benefit from. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Birthday Bonuses 

This is actually a really nice gesture that some of the more established bingo sites do as they find that it is a great way to help valued customers feel special and reward them accordingly on a day which is often special to them. This could include something as simple as free entry into a game or having their bingo account credited with funds to wager on slots or bingo games.

Exclusivity on promotions

What is sometimes the case, is that some online bingo sites reward VIP players with promotions that aren’t available to other players. This could include access to huge jackpot games or a monthly bonus that is only for VIPs. Every site differs in terms of the promotions that they have on offer for their exclusive customers, so it is worth finding out which ones might appeal most to you.

More attractive conversion rates

Depending on which bingo site that you join, their VIP scheme might work in the way that the further up the tiers that you progress, your points increase for deposits. For example, as a bronze player, you might receive 5 points for a £5 deposit, while if you are a gold player this could be 20 points.

Invites to exclusive events

Arguably the biggest online bingo brands often roll out the red carpet for their most valued VIPs and give them something that money can’t buy. It could be that they receive invites to star-studded concerts or sporting events, where they are treated to VIP hospitality and potentially a chance to hang around with celebrities.

What should be noted though, is that this happens only on the rarest occasions and these are generally seen as an ultimate benefit and are more common with the big online casino brands.

Access to private online bingo rooms

These often have much bigger prizes on offer for players and sometimes, the higher up the VIP tier that you get, the more private rooms become available to you. There is something about these that online bingo players are naturally curious about, because they want to know how much better these are than the normal bingo rooms that new players have available to them.

Usually, these are a lot quieter and have less players in them, which also increases the chances of winning as well!


What is required to join a VIP/Loyalty scheme at a bingo site?

What is required to join a VIPLoyalty scheme at a bingo site

It is sometimes the case that many sites automatically join players up to their VIP scheme without them knowing it – there are no hidden charges or anything, so it is a nice surprise for players when they receive a notification telling them that they have reached the first tier because they have accumulated the required amount of points.

The biggest myth is that players think there are a number of steps involved or a complicated signup process that may require them to tick certain boxes though this is simply not the case.


Final thoughts about VIP schemes at bingo sites

Ultimately, VIP/loyalty schemes can certainly add a lot more to a player’s online bingo experience, due to the fact that they open up a lot more possibilities, especially when it comes to winning larger prizes or even getting a feeling of being made to feel special or valued which is particularly case for some of the of the benefits that bingo sites have available.

The key thing to remember though, is that you should not become obsessed with reaching the highest tier on a bingo site’s VIP/loyalty scheme because you could well end up depositing more than you can afford to lose and get into difficulty.






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