A Guide to Bingo Chat Room Etiquette

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Are you new to the world of online bingo? We understand that it can be overwhelming just dipping your toe in the water as although the actual game of bingo is simple and easy to understand, sometimes there can be confusion surrounding the etiquette of online bingo chat rooms. If you do not follow the proper procedures when playing online, or in a brick and mortar bingo hall, you run the risk of being excluded from games or potentially annoying other players which is the last thing anyone wants!

Many people turn to online bingo as they feel awkward in social situations, but before you jump right in, make sure you know the correct rules of bingo chat rooms. This will allow you to have fun, socialise with other players and play side games with complete peace of mind that both you and others in the bingo chat rooms are safe.

Want to know more about the dos and don’ts of bingo chat rooms? Read on to be armed with all the information you need.


What to Expect in a Bingo Chat Room

What to Expect in a Bingo Chat Room

When you start to play a game of online bingo, you’ll see to the side of your screen the bingo chat room. Chat rooms are extremely easy to grasp and you’ll be chatting away in no time at all.

In the chat box, you will notice that each player is referenced by their username and you will be the same should you wish to chat. The username will appear next to the message and to get started, simply use the typing box under the messages to reply or start a conversation. Most chat rooms also allow players to use emojis in the chat room.

The chat hosts will post here too and they will have something to differentiate themselves such as CH next to their username. It is their job to ensure all players are following the rules, offer side games, get the conversation going and even provide exciting offers to give you more opportunities to win. This is why it’s vital that you fully understand how chat rooms work and the rules surrounding them!


Why Bingo Chat Room Rules are Important

Bingo chat room rules are important as it ensures that a friendly, warm and welcoming environment is promoted within the game, which is certainly in keeping with the social aspect that bingo is associated with. The communities formed at online bingo sites are incredible and similar to what you would experience in a real club, which is why people are protective of the game and the rules being followed to ensure there are no upsets. If you want to join a bingo community, it’s wise to follow these rules closely and not rock the boat amongst existing players. That way, you’ll get the most out of your experience playing bingo online.


Our Top 10 Bingo Chat Room Rules

Chat rooms can be very busy places and it’s easy to make a mistake that is against the rules. Here, you can introduce yourself to the etiquette expected of you at bingo chat rooms or simply refresh your memory if you haven’t played in a while.


1.      Capital Letters are a No Go

In chat rooms, it is usually the host that types in capital letters. This easily differentiates them from players and players are less likely to miss out on any important information about the game or offers that are being shared. If you start by typing in capital letters, not only are you going to irritate everyone else in the chat room, it can also come across as being aggressive which is definitely not what you want.

2.      Choose the Right Username

This is a tip to follow before you enter a chat room and that is you need to decide on an appropriate username. This has to be something that should be inoffensive and have clean language. These rules also apply to your language in the chat, so make sure you follow them or you’ll most likely be banned.

3.      If You Have Nothing Nice to Say…

Don’t say anything at all, as the old saying goes. Always mind your manners when in the bingo chat rooms and never harass other players. Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated and with respect. Avoid unnecessary disagreements with people if it’s just going to get you into trouble.

4.      Show the Host Respect

Along with respecting your fellow players, it is just as important to acknowledge the host and treat them with the same respect too. Their role in the game is to keep order and make sure everyone has a great time whilst playing, so don’t make their life, and yours, any harder! Be polite when speaking to them and if there is a complaint you have, take it up with the appropriate complaint procedures as the hosts won’t be able to help you.

5.      Don’t Ask for Money

A golden rule in the chat rooms is to never ask other players for any type of gift whether this be money, bonuses or anything else. If your bingo funds are getting low, take a break and come back later rather than getting yourself banned for violating the rules.

6.      No Impersonations

Think it would be funny to impersonate fellow players or the chat room host? Don’t! This is taken very seriously in the chat rooms and can result in you being banned not just the chat room but the whole site.

7.      Never Violate Privacy

Many players enjoy playing online bingo has it gives an element of anonymity. Most usernames won’t be the player’s real name which can be for security reasons. Never speak of any other player’s personal details and don’t hand out your own such as your mobile number or email address.

8.      Make Newbies Feel at Home

You’ll quickly become part of the furniture in online bingo chat rooms but remember, you probably didn’t always feel that way. If you notice new people in the chat rooms, welcome them and take the time to chat. This will help them relax a little in this new environment and you may even make a new friend!

9.      Spam, Spam, Spam

Do we have to explain this one? Everyone has felt the frustration of lots of spam in their inbox and this is not something we want in bingo chat rooms either. We understand that sometimes players can’t contain their excitement, but be aware that the chat room is a place for everyone to speak.

10.  Don’t Speak of Other Bingo Sites

Other top bingo sites of course exist, but their names should never be spoken of in a bingo chat room. If you are seen to be promoting another bingo site then you’ll most likely be banned from playing.


I’ve Broken the Bingo Chat Room Rules, What Should I Do?

I’ve Broken the Bingo Chat Room Rules, What Should I Do

If you have broken the bingo chat room rules, take a deep breath as there shouldn’t be any need to panic. If you have made a small error, simply apologise quickly and the issue should resolve itself. However, if you have made a big error, even without realising it, then there may be more serious consequences. You could be banned from one or all of the chat rooms and there is even the possibility that you can be banned from the entire site.


Should I Report a Player for Breaking the Rules?

If you feel that another player has broken the chat room rules, you are perfectly within your rights to report them. We would first advise to try and solve the issue with them directly, but if that doesn’t work and is instead becoming a bigger issue, then you may be better to speak to the chat host. If all that fails, the customer support team should be able to help you with your complaint.


As you can see, online bingo chat room rules are designed to create a safe and welcoming space that every player can enjoy spending time socialising in. By ensuring that you know, and follow, the rules, players feel respected and you will get the most out of your online bingo experience.


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