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If you’re getting a bit tired of playing the same old bingo games online, you might be interested in taking part in a bingo tournament. To put it simply, bingo tournaments enable you to play a series of bingo rounds between interrelated games.

Here at, we think that bingo tournaments are worth your consideration. After all,  they are easy to play, have superb jackpots,  and ultimately – spice up the game of bingo a little bit more.

Although it’s been said that bingo tournaments aren’t as popular as they used to be, we think they are bouncing back into the hearts of British bingo players

If the idea of entering into a bingo tournament is of interest, and you like the sound of those spectacular prizes, then hopefully you will find our bingo tournaments guide a helpful place to start!

What is a Bingo Tournament?

What is a Bingo Tournament

Some online bingo sites offer players a bingo tournament option, not least because they are a major source of alternative entertainment.

During a series of bingo games played in a tournament, players accumulate points which have been awarded to them at various points in each game (or round).

The games offered are sometimes seasonal and can last any amount of time. Whether that’s hours, days, or weeks (or even longer) – they allow you to win super big prizes. Of course, this depends on the tournament you want to join and which bingo site you are playing at.

In its most basic form, the bingo player with the most points wins the tournament. If it’s a tie, the jackpot will be shared out between the winners equally.

Online bingo tournaments sometimes have a progressive jackpot, too. This kind of jackpot is particularly appealing to bingo players due to the fact the more people who play, the bigger the jackpot gets. The progressive jackpot continues to grow until someone eventually wins the game!

We find that the majority of online bingo sites that host bingo tournaments do so on a daily basis, albeit, some host weekly and monthly tournaments as well. A lot of sites actually host tournaments at a specific time every evening, so this can give you something to look forward to and an idea of what to expect. After all, practice makes perfect!

The good news is that the majority of bingo tournaments are free to join. However, it is worth noting that the bingo card cost will usually be a little higher than standard bingo games.

This is on account of the standard of prizes usually offered to the player. As well as cash prizes, some online bingo and land-based bingo tournaments offer electronics. And if you’re really lucky, some operators have been known to offer luxury holidays!

Chat-Based Tournaments

Chat-based tournaments used to be referred to as a chat game, lasting a full hour rather than just a singular game. With that said, the prizes found in a tournament were a lot larger than just a single chat game.

By joining a chat-based bingo tournament, you are able to socialise with other tournament participants. This means that if you wish, you could arrange match times with your opponents to spice up your game a bit.

As well as arranging a time to meet at an online bingo room, you can, of course, agree on the online venue at everyone’s convenience. In some cases, tournaments include different levels.

For instance, this includes handicapped tournaments. The idea here is that there is nothing to stop a player with a low handicap joining a high handicap tournament – subsequently making it a level playing field!

Number-Based Bingo Tournaments

A good example of a number-based bingo tournament is when a site offers you a select amount of numbers at the start of every month. Then, the more you land with those numbers, the bigger the prize you are offered.

Different bingo sites might offer their own bonus currency. For instance, you would be awarded 15 ‘BBs’ (or points) for landing 5 numbers from those given to you at the start of the month. Or, for landing say 8 numbers out of the 8 you might be given 100 BBs (or points).

Generally speaking, the more points you get throughout the month, the more bingo bonuses, cash, and free spins you can win.

Slot Based Bingo Tournaments

As the name suggests, slot-based bingo is a marriage of bingo games and slot games. This usually involves having a bingo card on your screen, and a slot reel at the bottom of the screen.

The same principle applies, insofar that you need to match up your numbers and symbols in order to win. Whilst matching a line or two will land you a win – the hope, of course, is always going to be to tick off a full house and yell “BINGO!”.

The only real difference with slot-based bingo tournaments is that rather than just playing one game as standard, you are part of a bigger pool of players. This means taking part in a string of slot bingo sessions which are all interrelated.

The top prize offered by this type of bingo tournament can be huge. For example, it is not uncommon for lucky players to win 1,000 free spins, so that’s definitely going to keep you going for a while!

How can I get Involved With Bingo Tournaments?

To get involved and join a bingo tournament, all you usually have to do is register with a bingo platform and buy a ticket to enter the tournament you are interested in.

It will save you some time if you double-check that the bingo platform you want to use offers bingo tournaments, as not all do.

We found that some bingo tournament hosts require an initiation fee, as well as other small fees you could be subjected to. Once again, this is why you need to check the small print before signing up!

In order to participate in the full series of bingo sessions, (which are all interconnected with one another), you will have to complete qualifying rounds. This ensures that you are able to advance to the final stages of the tournament.

‘Next round’ tickets are sometimes offered for completing a line or two. For landing a full house, you can expect even more rewards and tickets.

The round we are referring to is essentially a game of bingo, so by winning a round/game, you will be granted entry into the next round of the tournament. It really can be a very exciting way of playing bingo.

Land-Based Bingo Tournaments

Land-Based Bingo Tournaments

That’s right, bingo tournaments aren’t just reserved for online bingo players, they are actually really popular amongst bricks and mortar bingo hall dwellers.

These bingo tournaments require an entry fee before you can play. The land-based bingo hall will have more overheads to consider, so this fee might be higher than what you find at online bingo sites.

The smaller the tournament, the smaller the prizes usually are -so when entering into a large tournament you can expect all kinds of luxury prizes like cash, jewellery and even iPads and TVs.

Online Bingo Tournament – Top Tips to Succeed

Although there is no way to guarantee that lady luck will be on your side, one of the most important things you can actively do is to check the tournament’s terms and conditions.  You should also be sure that you understand the fees attached to each individual bingo tournament.

Being aware of these fees will give you a better idea of whether or not that particular bingo tournament is worth your time and money. There is a chance that a bingo tournament you are interested in doesn’t suit your budget, or you might not be happy with the length of the tournament.

If you have never been involved in an online bingo tournament before, we wouldn’t recommend diving right into a game before you have gained some wisdom on how things work. It might be a good idea for you to start off with a smaller-scale tournament, at least to begin with.

A good way to gain a bit more insight into a specific tournament is to check out popular online bingo forums. This way, you will be able to see the real experiences of other bingo players – both good and bad. And, you might even pick up some more tips!

It is also important to ensure that you always stick to your bingo budget. On the flip side, if your budget happens to be fairly hefty, then you can increase your chances of winning by buying more bingo tickets.

We also recommend looking out for any deals or promotions which you might be entitled to after joining a bingo tournament.

To Conclude

Although online bingo is enjoyed by millions of people every single day, it’s also nice to spice things up. We here at think that bingo tournaments offer a new level of excitement to the humble game of bingo.

So, if you fancy spicing your average game of bingo up a notch, and potentially win even more impressive prizes – then why not give it a whirl?

As we have said throughout this guide, we do not recommend that you join a large-scale tournament until you have gained a good understanding of how things work.

As always, watch your bingo budget, and always read the terms and conditions before you commit to a specific tournament.

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