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Following the continued expansion of the online bingo industry, brands have gradually realised the need for customers to get a more real-life bingo experience with some similarities to what they would get in a traditional bingo hall.

One of the main reasons why people enjoyed the normal format was because of the social element; something that with the transition to online appeared to have got lost along the way. Not just content with experiencing a fast and immersive bingo adventure, players all of a sudden started to realise that something was missing once the novelty of having the freedom to play from anywhere wore off.

It led to bingo sites offering the function that they seemed to be craving; the ability to interact with other players during a game and as a result this has led to a significant uplift in the number of players taking part in bingo games.


What is a bingo chat host? 

What is a bingo chat host

A bingo chat host is fundamentally someone who is employed by a bingo site to monitor the chat between players in bingo rooms. They essentially act as friendly figures of authority in the room to make sure that no player is being offensive or making conversation about topics that other players might find uncomfortable. Furthermore, the bingo chat hosts are also there to start conversations as they see fit, to create rapport; perhaps ask players how they are finding the game or site but to also invite questions from players that they can help them with. These could be anything from “how long does a typical game last?” to “do you have any promotions on your site at the minute?”.

The key responsibility that a bingo chat show host has to be able to do, is moderate the end-to-end user experience. When it comes to the process of the balls being drawn, this is done by an advanced algorithm, so it is just up to the bingo chat host’s job to make sure that everything runs smoothly, though one of the good things is, that in case there are any technical hitches, they will see it first hand themselves and be able to flag with the relevant person within the business.


Why are bingo chat hosts useful for players?

One of the things that bingo chat hosts do is provide online players with the ability to chat amongst themselves; something that it was obvious many was missing from the days of the traditional bingo hall.

However, bingo chat hosts also are a useful tool for players to have. Compared to traditional bingo when it was frowned upon to make a noise during games – even if you had a question, in online bingo players can ask for assistance at any time without having to worry about distracting other participants in the game and the bingo chat host will be on hand to help.

The beauty of this as well is that if you do not want to be distracted, in most cases, you can choose to mute any chat that may be going on between players so that you can concentrate on the game, however, it might be better to first issue a friendly message to the room so that they do not think you are being ignorant by not answering any of their questions.

Also, having a bingo chat host available can give some players a confidence boost that help is at hand if they need it, but in many cases, online gambling can be a lonely existence so it can be an advantage for a player to have an impartial, friendly and helpful aide there throughout.

Furthermore, bingo chat hosts have deep and underlying knowledge about the game of bingo, not just one type (90 ball bingo) but all of them (e.g. 75 ball/80 ball) which means that if a player typically plays 90 ball bingo and they’re in a room where a 90 ball bingo game is going on, that player can then ask about 75 ball bingo for example and how it differs about the 90 ball bingo game they are taking part in.

In addition to this, bingo chat hosts can provide details about other related topics as well, such as, some players might have had issues with claiming bingo bonuses which is sometimes an issue for bingo sites and as a result, for a player about to take part in a game, it is great to have someone on hand straight away who can follow this matter up.

As a related issue, from a chat host’s perspective, it can also be useful for them, because they can ask the room if they are experiencing a problem that someone else might be and this can help them to ascertain whether it is a widespread issue with the site and game as a whole or an isolated problem.


What is needed to become a bingo chat host? 

Being a bingo chat host can be a very varied job, with a lot of different responsibilities to the role which means there isn’t necessarily a ‘one size fits all’ approach to finding the right person. One of the most important things that you must have in order to become a bingo chat host first and foremost is enthusiasm because this translates to the player in the room.

The next thing which is arguably just as important is knowledge and passion for the game because you are often the first person who will be asked questions about the game and you will need to be able to answer them effectively in a way that the players understand. What you are going to find is that the majority of online bingo players have been enjoying the game for years, albeit in the traditional format so will likely be clued up about how it works and recognise if you are not.

Because this is a role that is performed online, having computer skills is a necessity with an ability to type quite fast and often juggle a number of queries at one time. This means that having a sound understanding of how things work online as well as an ability to spin plates can work considerably in your favour.

Not just being able to type well in English as a bingo chat host, is just as important to be able to understand the terminology that is used in the game because invariably, experienced players will communicate in ‘bingo lingo’, where there might be unique words or even acronyms which relate specifically to the industry, so you will need to have a sound understanding of these.


Do bingo chat hosts receive training?

Do bingo chat hosts receive training

One of the most important fundamentals that online gambling companies pride themselves on is ensuring that their employees (especially those on the front line), are comprehensively equipped with the knowledge that they need to exceed customer expectations and this is no different with online bingo.

Bingo brands typically ensure that their chat hosts have received as much training that they possibly can before they start their role, which means that this gives players confidence that their chat host can answer any queries that they might have.

Every online bingo site differs in terms of what they offer, especially in terms of the games that are available to play which means the type of training can differ across brands. If a bingo chat host moves to another site, it could mean that they have a sound knowledge about the world of online bingo as a whole, though there could be different features available. This could be that bonuses or promotions are contrasting or the brand might operate in a slightly divergent way which means they will have to learn about that particular site before they can start.

Ultimately, as a player though, you can rest assured that bingo sites take the role of a bingo chat host seriously, which means that if you encounter any problems these are handled as smoothly as possible.


Do all bingo sites have chat hosts?

These have become an essential part of the online bingo experience over the last few years and as a result, it has meant that bingo brands typically offer this chat feature. Being able to engage with others is after all, an attractive selling point for online bingo players, some of whom play mainly for fun and try to build online relationships with other players.

This is because, most bingo games have a low entry fee for a ticket which doesn’t break the bank, while the chance of winning a nice jackpot is attractive. Some players like being able to interact with the game and share what numbers they need in order to win, which adds to the excitement and overall user experience.


Where can I find the sites with the best bingo chat hosts? 

Here at, we provide extensive reviews of the UK bingo sites which have the best bingo chat host facilities and one of the most important elements of this is those that consistently have a large group of players taking part in their games which helps to add to the community feel that online bingo players value.

While everyone differs in terms of what they are looking for from a bingo site, we provide highly informative and above all, balanced guides about the best bingo sites and pay particular attention to the chat host feature so we highly recommend reading through these to make sure you choose one that is right for you!


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