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Test houses are a vital part of an online bingo site being rendered legal and also fair and above board.

Whilst in the midst of a losing streak it might be easy to be suspicious that online bingo sites are rigged, when it comes to licenced online bingo platforms, we can assure you that this is certainly not the case.

Every single game, whether it is a brand new title release or an old classic which has been altered in some way – all games must pass the intensive testing done by testing agencies (aka test houses)

These test houses exist so that as a player, you are guaranteed to enjoy a fair and honest game, whatever the game may be.

In this article, we at BingoSites.com are going to delve into the subject of iGaming test houses further. This includes a more in-depth explanation of what it is they do, as well as a list of the most commonly used test houses by online bingo sites and casinos alike.


Test Houses – What do They do?

When a software developer releases a new game, or as touched on earlier, makes changes to an existing game – A test house will be called in to ensure that all games are thoroughly tested in a fair way before going anywhere near the bingo website, or players.

Test houses are made up of teams of testing and analysis experts which will intensively test each and every game to ensure that it is unbiased, fair and random for all players.

A large scope of different testing methods will be used to check games for true randomness so that each game is as unique as the last. This gives players a fair chance at winning, regardless of having played just one game or 500 in a row. Each game should be as random and fair as the last.

When a test house ascertains that a casino or bingo game is found to be unfair, organizations have been known to be pretty outspoken about it. After all, their overarching objective is to keep you as a bingo player safe at all times!

On top of that, you can be sure that they will inform the body which regulates the software provider responsible. In the UK, that role is reserved for the Gambling Commission.

As a result of this, the respective company providing the unfair game will be investigated and reprimanded accordingly.


Commonly Used Test Houses

In this section of our guide, we are going to run through some of the most commonly used and well-known testing houses. To clarify, all of the entities listed below have all been approved by the Gambling Commission.

This means you can be sure that you are playing in a safe environment when you are playing online bingo.

Please find below the most recognised test houses in the world, and a little bit about each of them.

GLI (Gaming Labs International)

Founded in 1989, Gaming Labs International (aka GLI), has since tested around 2 million games, as well as having tested and consulted in nearly 50 countries.

GLI has become more associated with lottery providers over the years and has gained a lot of respect within the iGaming industry.

In 2010, the company purchased a testing house called Technical Systems Testing (we will be talking about TST further down this page).

iTech Labs

Based in Australia, iTech Labs have been operating since 2004. With a wide variety of expertise and experienced employees, iTech Labs is very well respected amongst the online gaming spectrum.

iTech has a long-standing and reputable track record when it comes to online gambling technologies, as well as certifying gambling equipment in places such as Asia, Australia and Europe.

BMM – Testlabs

With office space in a reported 14 countries around the world, employing around 300 staff, and over 400 licences in different territories; BMM Testlabs is a highly respected independent test lab.

Just some of the BMM Testlab office locations include Barcelona, Vienna, Melbourne, Bologna and Mexico City. The wider group offers just about everything from assurance, training, certification and of course testing.

BMM Testlabs carries out research and development on operators to make sure they are following regulations, as well as consultations. And of course – the test house knows a thing or two about checking games and websites to ensure they are fair and completely random at all times.


Founded in 2003, E-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, or eCOGRA for short, are certainly one of the biggest test houses in the space.

Internationally approved, they are at the forefront of independent testing houses, and their speciality is in the online gaming software systems certification sector.

The vast and varied experience within the eCOGRA team is quite impressive and is made up of financial experts, legal whizzes, experienced businessmen, and technology geniuses.

Some of the employees here started out in some of the largest management consulting firms, worldwide. eCOGRA is very well respected in the online gambling landscape, and they have a magnificent list of clients.


Standing for ‘Testing Systems Testing’, this test house was founded in 1993.

This was actually before online gambling was in existence, so it makes this test house one of the oldest of its kind.

With offices in Manilla, London, Macau, and Vancouver, it’s fair to say this test house is very popular, as well as experienced.

By using their own in-house testing methods, this test house is able to analyze both multiplayer and single-player online bingo games.

Due to the number of years this test house has been around, it still regularly tests land-based casinos, too. As mentioned earlier, Gaming Labs International (aka GLI) purchased TST in 2010. Nevertheless, they still operate independently from one another.


To Conclude

By reading this article, you should know now that test houses are there to ensure that our games are as fair and random as possible. Moreover, they are tasked with ensuring that a bingo site not abiding by these rules can face a hefty fine or even have its licence revoked.

Of course, this means that no matter which online bingo site you choose, as long as it has a licence, you can be sure the games available to you have all been tested for your peace of mind by one of the many test houses available.

All of the test houses we have explored throughout this page are Gambling Commission approved, fully regulated, professional and well respected amongst the iGaming masses.

When you’ve decided you want to join a bingo site, please always check that the site has a licence, and watch out for any sites which have a similar sounding name to a popular site, as this could be a sign of a fake.

If an online bingo site isn’t licenced, it probably isn’t tested either – so run for the hills.


Are all Bingo sites Fair?
Yes. If the bingo site is legally above board, then it is fair. At BingoSites.com you can be sure we will never recommend a bingo site to you which doesn’t have a valid gambling licence. All regulated bingo sites are tested on a regular basis to ensure the player has an honest experience.
Can Test Houses Cheat?
Test houses cannot be subjected to underhand payments from bingo sites to cheat. The biggest test houses have been around for a very long time now, and as a result, have built themselves a great reputation amongst gambling regulators worldwide.
How do I Know if a Bingo Site has Been Tested by a Test House?
Generally speaking, one of the quickest ways to see if or who tested a bingo site is to go onto the bingo website and look for the test house’s logo. For instance, eCOGRA, as mentioned earlier, is widely used by gambling sites for testing. If you can’t see a test house logo, you might find there is just a Gambling Commission stamp of approval. This still means the site is monitored by a test house, as this is a legal requirement.
What if I Still Don’t Believe the Game is Fair?
In this case, the only option for you really is to contact the bingo site’s customer support team. Where possible, have evidence to hand which may support your complaint. In doing so, the customer support team will more than likely launch an investigation into your claim.
Which Test Houses are the Most Well Known?
Our team here at BingoSites.com believe that one of the most recognisable test houses in the world is eCOGRA. This is due to a large number of industry awards, and great respect it has amongst online gaming organisations as well as authorities. We think GLI is also worth a mention, as not only is it one of the oldest on our list, but it also has extensive testing history and a great reputation.
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