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Bingo is one of the oldest and most popular games not just in the UK, but around the world. No longer is this a game seen as being for a certain demographic as new technology and the introduction of online bingo has seen this become an exciting past time for every type of player.

Providing hours of entertainment and the potential for big cash prizes, it is not hard to see why online bingo is continually on the rise. What makes this game special is how incredibly easy it is to play and beginners can get started almost immediately! If you are thinking about trying out online bingo games, find all the information you need below about what exactly this game is, fairness, the most popular bingo variants and even a step by step guide on how to get started playing.


How Do I Play Online Bingo?

How Do I Play Online Bingo

Online bingo works almost exactly the same way as you would find in a bingo hall. From your home, you can join a bingo game and watch as the numbers are called, with the numbers on your tickets marked off as they are called. This is a game that is completely up to chance and the aim is usually to try and mark off all the numbers on your card to win a big cash prize. However, there are many different bingo variants and rules which we have explained more for you below.


Playing Online Bingo Step by Step

Online bingo can be daunting if you haven’t played before, but there is no need to worry as this game is even easier to play that its bingo hall counterpart! Follow this step by step guide to playing online bingo and you can’t go wrong.

1.      Choosing a Bingo Site

The first step is to make sure that you are playing at the best bingo site for you. We’ve made this incredibly easy for you here at as we have reviews of all the most popular bingo sites. Take your time looking at these reviews and the range of bingo games they offer before signing up to a site and making your first deposit.

2.      Choose a Bingo Room

Now that you are signed up with a funded bingo account, you are ready to get started playing! Choosing a bingo room is the next stage and you can do this by visiting the bingo lobby of the site. There should be a variety of rooms to choose from and each will offer bingo tickets at different prices, so make sure you are entering a bingo room that is right for your budget. In the lobby, you’ll also be able to see what jackpots and other prizes are up for grabs in the next game.

3.      Buy Your Bingo Tickets

After choosing a bingo game in the room you want to play in, you’ll have to buy the tickets to get ready for the game starting. Don’t worry about marking off numbers as this will be done for you automatically. Buy as many tickets as your budget can afford to increase your chances of winning.

4.      Start Your Game

Now for the fun part, start playing your bingo game! As we already mentioned, the numbers will be marked off automatically as they are called, so you can sit back, relax and keep your fingers crossed for some big prizes. If you are a winner, the game will let you know and any cash prizes can be found in your bingo account.

5.      Get Ready to Do it All Over Again!

Once your game is over, you will be given the chance to purchase tickets for the next round of bingo. If you feel like playing a different game, make sure to take a look at the bingo schedule to see what games are up next for you to join.


The Most Popular Bingo Variants

If you are unfamiliar with the game of bingo, you may find it overwhelming the many different variants available to play. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for the gameplay you are looking for. Each bingo variant offers a different number of bingo calls and numbers on your ticket. Here are some of the most popular bingo variants that you’ll find when playing at the best online bingo sites.


90 Ball Bingo

The aim of the game in 90 ball bingo is to get a full house win but wins are also awarded for 1 line or 2 lines. Every ticket in this game will have 15 numbers with 27 squares and each row will have 5 numbers. The first prize is for 1 horizontal line crossed off, the next prize is for 2 horizontal lines crossed off on the same ticket and the third and final prize is having all numbers crossed of the ticket.

75 Ball Bingo

This game has tickets with a 5×5 grid and each space contains a number except for the middle square. B I N G O is spelt out across the top of the 5 columns and the middle free space counts as a number that has already been crossed. To win in this game, you can cross off all number in a diagonal, horizontal or vertical line. A full house in this game is called a Coverall and you can achieve this by crossing out the 24 numbers on the card. What makes 75 ball bingo exciting is many games introduce bingo pattern wins. This is when there is a specific pattern on the cards that you have to cross out to win, for example, this could be a cross.

80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is not as popular as 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, but you’ll find it at many online bingo sites. This game is played on a 4×4 grid with 16 numbers and you can achieve wins by crossing off the standard diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines. This game also offers pattern wins, similar to 75 ball bingo games.

Speed Bingo

If you want to squeeze in a quick game of bingo, there is no better option than speed bingo. This fast-paced game uses the same number of balls as 90 ball bingo but the big difference is that the numbers are called out every second. These games only usually last around 3 minutes, making it ideal for anyone playing from the mobile on the go.

Other Bingo Games

What is great about playing bingo online is the vast number of non-traditional games you can play that you just won’t find at any bingo hall. This includes the many branded games available online such as Coronation Street Bingo, Emmerdale Bingo, The Chase Bingo and X Factor Bingo.


What Happens when there is more than One Winner?

What Happens when there is more than One Winner

Some bingo games are played as part of a linked bingo network, which means these rooms are connected to other sites and they can become very, very busy. This then means there are more chances for more than one player to win. If there are two or more winners, the prize will be split just like real bingo hall games and you can find this money in your account.


Is Online Bingo Fair?

Online bingo is a game of chance and luck. As long as you are playing at a regulated, licensed and reputable site, of which you will find many in our reviews, you can play with peace of mind knowing your game is fair. The games are played using a random number generator which ensures fairness every single time as the numbers are chosen completely at random and this is enforced by the UK Gambling Commission.


Online Bingo vs Bingo Halls

Are you used to playing in real bingo halls? There is no need to be worried about moving to online games as you’ll get to experience the same fun gameplay and great community as a real life bingo hall. There are so many advantages to playing online bingo such as:

  • Play anytime, anywhere – when you play at a bingo hall, you are restricted in the days and times you can enjoy the game. Online, you’ll never have this problem as there is always an exciting game on the go for you to join. Perfect for those with a busy and hectic lifestyle who want to fit in bingo games around it.
  • Community – One of the main concerns players have is the lack of community when playing online, however, this is something you don’t have to worry about. The best online bingo sites already have huge communities of players who love to interact with each other during games and you also have the chance to interact with the hosts.
  • Convenience – Love bingo games but don’t always want to waste time going to a bingo hall? Online bingo is the perfect solution as you can play it straight from your mobile or tablet device and from the comfort of your own home.


What You Need to Know When Playing Online Bingo

The rules of online bingo are very simple and you’ll be able to pick them up very easily. Here are just a few things to know before you get started playing your first game:

  • The game begins as soon as the first number is called.
  • If you are playing in a bingo hall, make sure to pay attention to the fast-paced bingo calls.
  • The game will stop for a prize only when a player has marked off the numbers needed. The prize will then be announced before the game continues until a full house is called.
  • Choose the ‘Best Card Sorting’ option on online bingo to put your cards in order of their winning chances.
  • Watch out for best card highlighting as this is when you will be prompted to look at specific cards that are close to winning.
  • The Autoplay function is what marks off your cards automatically as you play. This is the system used by the vast majority of online bingo sites.


Now you’re up to speed on how to play bingo, it’s time to get started by choosing a brilliant bingo site to play at! Here at, we have a huge range of honest bingo site reviews that give you the pros and cons of the most popular bingo sites on the web. Check them out to find the best site for you.


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