Are Bingo Sites Safe?

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This informative article has been compiled for those people who would like to know just how safe online bingo sites are. It will also inform you why it is vital that wherever you choose to play (as well as being online in general) is both safe and secure, especially if there is a chance that you are going to spend some of your own money, or offer the online site your banking details. We shall look at the software bingo sites use to keep their players secure and the payment methods adopted by the majority of sites in order for their players to fund their personal accounts.

In fact, this article will answer all you need to know about choosing a great online bingo site that  is both safe and secure whilst offering you a wide selection of all the popular bingo games to choose from.

Are Bingo Sites Safe

A Few Simple Tips to Remain Safe Whilst Online

Even if you find the most secure and safe bingo site in the world to play on, there are a few tips you need to remember in order for this to be effective. Choosing a secure site is all well and good, but if you are not generally careful whilst online then the safest site in the world is going to fail. Below are the most important safety aspects for anyone to adopt who is going to be spending time online.

  • Never, ever share your personal details with a site or anyone else for that matter if you are not 100% of who you are giving those details. Personal details include such things as your address, phone number and banking details.
  • Install and use the latest software protection possible, not only on your home PC and laptops but on your smartphone and other mobile devices.
  • Use only strong passwords for your emails and make sure you do not use the same one for each account you might have (you can use a password manager for this purpose)
  • Simply be aware of your digital footprint – each time you are online you leave a digital footprint which can show others where you are and what you have been doing.
  • Remember to think before you post a comment or enter a chat room.

Ok, so if we have all that in place and you are happy to be online then we now need to know how to recognise a true and fair bingo site to play at.


How to Recognise a Safe and Secure Online Bingo Site

Firstly, all reputable online gambling sites, and this includes online bingo sites within the UK must have a current UK Gambling Licence which has been issued by the UK Gambling Commission. You will be able to see the clickable licence number at the bottom of the site’s page which you can hit and follow the link to each operator’s details.

The Gambling Commission acts as a regulator to ensure that all gambling businesses follow strict rules and regulations when promoting their products and interacting with their customers. Failing to follow these rules and regulations can warrant an investigation by the Commission which can take the appropriate action to repair any damage.

The UK Gambling Commission is also actively involved with other regulators, charities and other organisations to support problem gamblers with their addiction, promote safer gambling practices and to generally keep those who enjoy a bet or wager safe.


The Type of Action the Gambling Commission Can Take Against Licensees

Those businesses and even individuals who choose not to follow the strict rules and regulations which have been put in place to ensure that gambling is safe, fair, as well as being crime-free can expect to face some form of regulatory action. The powers that the UK Gambling Commission have include:-

  • The least action would be to issue a warning
  • An additional licence condition can t be attached to any particular business
  • Amendments or removing a licence condition where appropriate
  • A Gambling Licence can be suspended
  • A Gambling licence can be revoked in some circumstances
  • The UK Gambling Commission can also impose a financial penalty

As the powers of the UK Gambling Commission can go so far as to revoke a gambling licence effectively putting the operator out of business it would be very unwise to choose to play at an online bingo site that does not hold one.


How to Find UK Bingo Sites That are Fully Licensed

One of the easiest ways to find true and fair online bingo games is to use a site which brings together the best of the best online bingo sites in one place so you have a choice of where to play. These sites act rather like any other comparison site you might use to find insurance or buy white goods. They will compare bonuses, software providers, depositing methods, game choices and everything else that creates a great online bingo site, taking a lot of the hard work out of finding that perfect place to enjoy your bingo games.

One of the stipulations of any site included on a bingo comparison site would be that they must be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, not only that but there would have to be other tools in place in order to make their customers feel safe and secure whilst playing online.


Other Tools Used by Online Bingo Sites That Promote Safety and Security

  • All high-quality bingo sites use the most up to date encryption software to make sure that their customers’ personal details remain confidential.
  • Some bingo sites will offer different ways to make a deposit that add an extra layer of safety. For instance, using a phone bill to pay for the cost of your bingo tickets means that there is no need to give the site your banking details in order to make a deposit – other banking options that do not involve your bank such as digital currency could be on offer too.
  • Socially responsible bingo sites will also be members of organisations like GamStop which allows players to self-exclude from all sites which are affiliated to them. Not only will they be affiliated with GamStop they will also have a list of self-help groups for those who find it difficult to stop gambling. These other organisations like safer gambling offer helplines for the whole of the UK.


In Conclusion

It must be acknowledged that the majority of online bingo/slots or casino players play for sheer pleasure, and in the case of online bingo the community spirit. Meeting up with family and friends to catch up on all the news whilst enjoying some laughs and a few games is the main aim of the majority of players. Most bingo lovers are in control of their spending and their gaming time, but for a few this self-discipline is more difficult.

So, if you feel that you are spending time gambling when you should be working or carrying out family responsibilities, or you are a person that tries to win back losses, or even plays using borrowed money, please think about hitting one of that self-help table that can be found on the pages of the best UK bingo sites.

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