Wink Review
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Wink Review

Playing the entertaining household game of Bingo is good old fashioned fun, but bringing it online adds a lot more of spice and variety to it. The opportunity to play multiple games quickly along with the options of quick slot and casino games are some of the essentials of online bingo. These, and a lot more reasons like incentives offered to win great jackpots, are responsible for a huge amount of internet traffic being diverted towards online bingo sites. Today, we talk of the popular online bingo site, Wink Bingo, and how it promises to offer quality gaming experience in slots, casino games and classic Bingo. Powered by Brigend Limited, a subsidiary of Cassava Enterprises, Gibraltar, Wink Bingo is a name to be reckoned with.


The homepage of Wink Bingo brings a fresh, pink setting that appeals to the senses. It uses simple text with very minimal usage of Flash objects to provide seamless connection to their servers. Their homepage explains to new players what to do, how to know more about online bingo and offers incentives like particular bonuses on joining Wink Bingo. The right side of the page also lists recent winners in the respective games. They have conveniently provided access to the different places in the site map, like the help area and the community center for players. Their website opens pretty fast and works well on portable devices too, which is an icing on the cake.

The Games

Wink Bingo seem to have created a genre of its own in progressive jackpot bingo games like "Moneyball", which is a hit with the regulars at Wink Bingo. The progressive Bingo games are generally longer but have huge money winning stakes. Also, the game has well-defined restricted play times- 3 games every day from 7PM till midnight. Apart from progressive jackpots, classic 70 and 90 ball Bingo, the 5-line Swedish Bingo is also available for your entertainment. They have popular instant games which are catchy because of their resemblance to popular online games/TV shows like "Bejeweled 2" and "Deal or No Deal". They claim to have created a variety of slot games which suit the players' pocket, which serves as an onus for new players planning to join Wink Bingo. Amazingly, Blackjack can also be played among members, adding to the variety.


On most online Bingo sites, the promotions are few with only a few offers up for grabs. But on Wink Bingo, the list of bonuses seems never-ending. On joining Wink Bingo, you get a 200% welcome bonus and a flat chance of winning £1000 when a simple click of the mouse to Spin the Wheel gets you the lucky jackpot! Weekly promotions make each day count with Risk Free Friday, Something for the Weekend and Stash the Cash. Have a chance at winning thrice in a single game in the 90 ball Bingo rooms! Up to £150 of daily jackpots and the weekly £500 jackpot make sure you always end up on the winning side. Fresh £50 helps you to win £50 with a mere deposition of just 2p! The top area of every Wink Bingo webpage reads "£15-£1000 free". In a recent limited offer, deposition of £10 gives you a playing money value of £45, which is the highest in terms of percentage money value increased, on all popular online bingo websites in UK.

Wink Bingo Community

It is one of the only online bingo website to have a rich database of player-community communication in the form of blogs, news and online bingo resources. The blog seems to have a general talk forum on every issue, with sub blogs like "Emergency Entertainment", "Baby Names", "Good Old Grandma's Tips" and "Bargain Hunt". Interestingly, Wink Bingo also has a Hall of Fame page for the lucky winners who got themselves a Bentley MINI (only 4 so far), with their names, photos and a little question answer paragraph with them. They also have an area for Bingo resources, which include how to play Bingo, differences and methods of playing the game online, the history of the game etc. It basically educates the prospective player on how Wink Bingo is structured and what makes it an ideal place for playing online Bingo. Their customer care section is very simply designed and well organized, and the most usual to the rarest and most difficult problems can be solved with the help of their detailed FAQ section, which also has a video library which has video tutorials regarding the registration process, deposits and withdrawals, and bonuses and promotions.

Security And Privacy Policy

Wink Bingo has a well-defined and strict policy regarding privacy, and insists on verifying its customer's credentials to check for legal restrictions (if any) regarding online gambling. Also, they ensure complete discretion of personal details via 128-bit SSL encryption, which is aided by advanced technology which makes it the most powerful and the best in the industry. The privacy policy ensures the customers that their personal details shall not be shared or sold to any third-party members, but would need to be shared in the case of a government-related inquiry.

Wink Bingo is seen to have a respectable position of its own when it comes to innovative thinking regarding the online Bingo fraternity building and simple yet intuitive ways of making the customer feel safe about his/her investment into this online gaming platform. Wink Bingo promises to deliver and can claim to have a high hold in terms of market competition.

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