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Wow Review

Bingo has been known for decades as one of the best forms of family/community entertainment. A distribution of some tickets, collection of some money, a speaker with a cheesy way of calling out numbers, and there you go, it's everyone's favourite game! Welcome to the world of Bingo, which has maddened people across continents for its fast-paced and unpredictable entertainment. But as the world exponentially tries to integrate every aspect of life with the self-designed virtual world, online bingo has gone viral, especially in UK, where several sites offer online Bingo.

What separates online bingo from physical bingo is the fact that virtual bingo brings along lots of variety in the form of offers, different varieties of games and a much more interactive and vibrant platform to play the game. Today we shall talk about one of the oldest and most trustworthy online bingo portals in the UK, WOW Bingo. Established in 2002 in collaboration with Cozy Games, the site prides itself on being a glitch-free, comfortable bingo zone where thousands of players meet every day to engage in Bingo games.


The website of WOW Bingo is quite simple and loads quite quickly. The interface is clean and intuitive, and unlike other online gaming sites, has little to no unnecessary distractions like advertisements. All you need to do to sign up is fill a simple form, after which you can begin playing. Players can begin playing straight away as the site offers a £15 instant sign up bonus and a £20 bonus if you sign up from a mobile device. Taking the game into the next generation, WOW Bingo also facilitates playing on the move with its mobile gaming apps available on Android, Apple and BlackBerry devices.

The Games

Getting to the crux of WOW Bingo's operations, players have access to a wide variety of Bingo games. The classic 75, 80 and 90 ball game is obviously present, but you can also entertain yourself with some other equally popular side games. Yes, 10 Casino Games, 7 Scratch Cards and 44 slot machines make this a multi-dimensional online gaming portal. Play with anyone one you want, or with everyone. Create rooms, have a quick game, chat with fellow players and take the game to being much more than "alive”. And that's exactly what makes Bingo get prefixed by WOW. Be it classic blackjack, or a comic slot game, WOW Bingo has a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

Promotions / Bonuses

As previously mentioned, WOW Bingo offers a £15 sign up bonus and £20 bonus if you sign up using a mobile device. A new limited Spin the Wheel game enables to you win up to £1500 in one shot! One of the most popular promotions offered by WOW Bingo is a 450% bonus on all reloads. Furthere, there's a 25% bonus on offer for all payments made via Ukash. You get loyalty points for being a member, which increases for however long you remain a member. These can be again in turn exchanged for bonus!

For new members, WOW Bingo offers a 300% bonus on the first 3 deposits, which might make you wonder that they themselves aren't interested in earning themselves! WOW Bingo also runs a number of seasonal promotions from time to time. Currently, the site offers up to three players the chance to win a £250 gift voucher for two redeemable at the Marriot on Valentine's Day. Further, between 1 to 14th February, the site will award one player a day a £50 gift hamper of wine and chocolates. Time to time, instead of cash prizes, there are also chances to win gift vouchers, electronics and other great gifts!

Payment Methods

Different types of payments through different company cards facilitate greater advantages for the player. Visa and MasterCard provide instantaneous deposition and transaction. Ukash users do not need to give away their credit card details and also get options to buy gift vouchers from various stores across UK. UseMyBank enables you to make free payments (no service charges). WOW Bingo offers two different kinds of card transactions, and payments can be conveniently made to two different accounts depending on your choice. Thankfully, as this is all done online, transactions are made 24/7. Customer Care is prompt and available around the clock, though only via email. A phone number or chat service would have been great, but WOW Bingo is known for responding to emails very quickly!


Security is a concern wherever financial details of customers are in question. In a day and age in which credit card fraud and identity theft is common, a robust security and encryption system is a must for any online transaction. WOW Bingo achieves fantastic security by implementing their transactions encrypted in complex RSA (Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman) algorithms. Also, credit card fraud is checked with an AVS system used, where the credit card is checked for the address you enter and compared to the address that is stored with the credit card provider. The AVS system denies a transaction if it sees any error made in this particular regard. WOW Bingo's website also holds the C.O.M.O.D.O. Secure Digital certificate, which is the best available in the market today. To avoid session hijacking, different cookies are used for different purposes, allowing the player a comfortable and non-problematic experience.

WOW Bingo has succeeded in creating a safe and secure environment for its players, which is the main reason behind its immense success. The site is well designed and offers minimal diversions and engaging game play. The presence of a number of Bingo and non-Bingo variants ensures that players have lots to do even if they're bored of traditional Bingo. To top it off, the site also offers robust security to keep your data safe and an efficient customer care service to resolve any issues.

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