William Hill Review
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William Hill Review

William Hill is one of the nation's most trusted names in sports betting and casino games. Enjoy a wide range of entertaining and lucrative bingo games with a name that you can trust with William Hill Bingo. A great bingo service from a dependable company, William Hill Bingo is rapidly taking over the online bingo scene.

Boasting a huge range of promotional offers and fantastic deals for bingo gamers, the wide range of games offered by William Hill makes it one of the Internet's top bingo websites. From special deposit offers to free car giveaways, William Hill is quickly growing into one of the Internet's biggest online bingo websites.

Lucrative Weekly and Monthly Giveaways

How many bingo websites do you know of that give away Fiats? William Hill is no stranger to running a great promotion, and the company's fantastic online bingo websites know how to please when it comes to giveaways. Along with a fantastic assortment of special jackpots, William Hill Bingo gives away free Fiat Pandas!

That's right - every November, William Hill Bingo offers a free Fiat Panda for its bingo gamers. A welcome break from the typical £2,000 jackpots endemic to the web's other bingo websites, William Hill Bingo goes above and beyond standard promotional requirements to offer one of the best bingo prize promotions online.

As well as the free car giveaways, William Hill Bingo runs a number of promotions and giveaways throughout the month. From bonus prizes and large jackpots to an entire assortment of special giveaways, the massive amount of prizes available to players makes William Hill Bingo one of the most generous online bingo websites.

Great Deposit Bonuses

Many online bingo websites ask for huge deposits from new players, only to reward them with the smallest of free giveaways or bonus credits. William Hill Bingo does it a little differently, offering a huge £25 bonus credit on any deposits over the modest minimum of just £10.

That's right - you can earn a 250 percent bonus on your small deposit, tripling your available credits before you even play a game. Unlike many other online bingo sites, which focus on extracting cash from you before you play, William Hill Bingo wants you to decide whether you want to keep playing before you deposit a large amount.

As well as the standard £25 free deposit bonus, William Hill Bingo offers a fantastic assortment of additional deposit bonuses on an on-and-off basis. From site-specific promotions to monthly specials for new gamers, check back on a regular basis to see what new special William Hill Bingo is running next month.

A Huge Range of Fun

Don't you hate it when you sign up to a 'big' bingo website only to find the same old assortment of semi-busy bingo games? William Hill Bingo doesn't believe in typical 'variety isn't a big deal' bingo philosophies - it believes in offering a great range of different bingo and casino games for players seeking an all-round bingo experience.

Choose from ultra-bargain 'Bargain Basement' bingo games, where you can play for as little as 1p per game. Take part in massive 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball games that are perfect for serious players. Choose from a massive variety of rooms that'll keep even the most dedicated and enthusiastic bingo player busy for weeks at a time.

Better yet, rack up loyalty points and bonus credits as you play through William Hill Bingo's huge range of online bingo games. From patterned ball bingo games to a fun range of special games such as Deal or No Deal Bingo, you'll never be bored with the massive assortment of different bingo games offered to players by William Hill.

Holiday Promotions

From special weekend games to fun holiday promotions, William Hill Bingo doesn't just offer a static selection of bingo games - it changes its line-up to suit the time of year that gamers are playing. Enjoy seasonal bingo promotions and special themed games that draw inspiration from real-life events and significantly holidays.

Take part in love-themed Valentine's Day bingo games, with the jackpot escalating on the way to a romantic heaven-themed bingo board. Enjoy weekly promotions on weekend bingo games, with ultra-high jackpots available on Saturdays and Sundays. Finally, take part in themed games on special holidays like Christmas and Easter.

24 Hour Gaming

Unlike many other bingo websites, which offer limited gaming activity during the night, William Hill Bingo is alive and online 24 hours a day. With a Top Bingo Room operating all through the day and night, gamers can enjoy fun bingo games at any time of the day, allowing them to capitalize when other gamers are sleeping.

As well as a fantastic line-up of 24-hour bingo games, William Hill Bingo offers a great assortment of low-cost bingo games for players that don't want to risk large amounts of money. Start gaming from as little as 1p with William Hill Bingo's wide range of low-cost, high-prize bingo games that run all throughout the day and night.

Finally, make use of a huge range of games that run all hours of the day. There's no 'on and off' games on William Hill that shut down early and leave you with a small selection of bingo rooms to play in - only a wide variety of 24-hour rooms that are operating throughout the night, giving you variety even while other gamers sleep.

User-Friendly Customer Service

From online tutorials to dedicated phone support, William Hill Bingo offers a range of options for gamers looking to get help while they play. Online help documents are available, covering the website's most popular questions and issues. Ideal for most problems, these documents offer simple step-by-step instructions to bingo players.

For more serious issues, William Hill Bingo offers round-the-clock support for all bingo gamers via phone and online chat. Talk to dedicated, experienced help staff who can help you get to the bottom of your problems, assist with troubleshooting and configuration, or walk you through the William Hill Bingo interface.

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