Tombola Review
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Tombola Review

Some people just can't tear themselves away from a good game of bingo and with the growth of the internet there are now online bingo games and one of the most popular is none other than Tombola.

What makes Tombola so special?

It just doesn't end with all the fun that this site provides. It's actually hard to believe thre's an online bingo site that offers what this one does. First of all it's the UK's largest online bingo site and might be one of the biggest in the world. They have their own in house development team thtat designs and manages their very own unique bingo games. This isn't one of those sites that has archived or linked to other people's products, they build their games from the ground floor up and that means you get games developed by bingo gamers for bingo gamers.

What is Tombola?

Tombola isn't some bingo company that appeared out of nowhere. They've been around for 50 years or more. They know the bingo game inside and out and probably set the pattern for what the bingo industry is today. They've been a leading supplier of bingo tickets as far back as the 1960s. Their combined corporate structure has sold free newspaper and television bingo game cards globally. They spare no expense on security and legals and have their gaming license held in Gibraltar and their servers are reportedly housed in security complexes in Gibraltar. This allows them to create and manage their games in house with a team of expert designers and software engineers and visionaries who have created the most unique bingo games ever. Their chat rooms are a real prize and source of pride to the company and bingo playing community as well. It's a huge group of professional moderators who are located in the UK. Friendly and cordial, these chat moderators are trained to be spot on and as helpful as possible. You can't beat this kind of service and that goes a long way. This professionalism and innovation has allowed Tombola to expand to more specialized countries like Italy and Spain. So as you can see this is a juggernaut of a company that leaves the competition in the dust.

The Tombola community

Tombola has one goodie that you just can't ignore and that's its own online community! There's a forum there that features Tombola bingo players from all over the place and they play together, share tips, and make friends. This type o feature means that you can accelerate your bingo playing skills by getting the inside tips and friendly guidance you've always wanted. This part of this comprehensive website is probably as valuable as playing the game itself. You never know whom you'll meet and you might make lifetime friends too.

It's free!

If all that isn't good enough the Tombola site is free to join. No weird pop up things or bizarre opt in forms. Just sign up and get busy.

Big money!

Cutting to the chase is whether or not you can make big money playing bingo at Tombola. Well according tot their site they kick out around 3 million in money every week. They have a progressive jackpot in their bingo 90 in a special call format. They have several games that can reach £20 thousand or more. When you join you get £20 after only depositing £10. You can start off real low on their Bingo Lite game that starts at 2p and £100 jackpots are known to be won.


Tombola has awesome help options too with phone and email and live help! That shows how serious they take their community. They want to provide the best in service and that makes for people who will come back again and again.

Types of games

Tombola just doesn't have one type of bingo game. They've got dozens of them. They develop them in house and each is unique. Not to be found anywhere else these games are tailor made for their clientele so that the play is easy, fun, and not confusing at all. This allows for players to break up any monotony of one game and bounce on over to another game and join in. Each game has dozens of chat rooms to it so you have lots of room to pull up a virtual chair and get to playing bingo. Take Pirates for example, It's a new game at Tombola that is a mix of their 90 Ball Bingo game and CINCO game play. They feature swashbuckling pirate characters like in the classic movies. Eye patches and parrots on their shoulders down to their cutlasses and buccaneer boots. For people who like that extra fun with their games this game is just perfect. These extra games have game cards and multiple chances of winning so it's just not a lot of flash and show but the kind of infrastructure that makes playing the games equitable to the player. You're not spending a massive amount of money to play but your chances of winning are increased by the variety of games and the way they're set up.

The list of games at present are:

- Bingo! 90

- Bingo! Lite

- Bingo! 60

- Bingo! 50

- Bingo! 75

- Bingo! 80

- Pirates


- Bingo Roulette

- Tombola Roulette

- Bandit!

- Battleships

- Hamster Race

- Roller Coaster

There's also a chance to win from £5 bonus to £500 cash in their free game called Lucky Pick!

List of winners

There's an amazing feature here called the list of winners. It showcases the last 50 jackpot winners so that you can see for yourself that real bingo players like yourself do indeed win those juicy jackpots. Overall the online bingo games like Bingo! 90 and such kick out over £5 million a week in cold hard money. All you have to do is join up at Tombola and you're good to go. We're not talking about a few winners a day here. We're talking a huge website where thousands of people win daily!


In summary, you can easily see that Tombola is a bingo site that players from around the world can feel comfortable with. Low costs combined with numerous ways to win money and superb management and customer service makes Tombola the online bingo champ of the world.

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