Mecca Review
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Mecca Review

Enjoy a unique and exciting blend of classic online bingo, fun casino games, and modern online gaming with Mecca Bingo. One of the country's most popular yet lucrative online gaming websites, Mecca Bingo offers a huge range of games for bingo fanatics and casino gamers alike, ranging from classic bingo to fun slots.

Boasting a huge range of games, as well as some of the country's best promotions for new and experienced bingo players, Mecca Bingo is rapidly growing into an Internet bingo authority. With free bingo games for new players and rewards for loyal bingo gamers, Mecca Bingo is arguably the country's most well-rounded bingo website.

Free Bingo Games for New Players

Unlike many other bingo websites, which ask new players to put down a deposit in advance before they can play any games, Mecca Bingo invites new players to join in the fun for free. Newbies can play in £25 jackpot games for free, without spending a single cent to 'get their foot in the door' with Mecca Bingo.

Enjoy Mecca Bingo's huge line-up of bingo games for five days, free of charge. This incredible promotion allows new players to enjoy games amongst other first-time bingo players in Mecca Bingo's dedicated newbie rooms, or play normal games in the exciting and potentially lucrative £25 jackpot rooms, completely free of charge.

Great Deposit Bonuses

Place a deposit on Mecca Bingo and you could win one of many great promotional specials. All new deposits made to Mecca Bingo of between £5 and £50 earn a free bonus equal to the deposited sum. This means that if you deposit £50, you'll earn a free £50 credit to spend at Mecca Bingo, bringing your total balance to £100.

Just make your deposit and start playing, and Mecca Bingo will match your initial deposit with an equal sum as soon as you run out of gaming credit. Players aren't limited to bingo games, either - if you feel like playing slots or classic table games, you're welcome to use your free deposit credit to fund these fun gaming endeavors.

Charming Promotions

How many bingo websites will reward you financially for showcasing your beloved pets with the world? Mecca Bingo runs a monthly 'Pet of the Month' promotion that is rapidly becoming a hit amongst gamers. Send in a picture of your pet and go in the draw to win £25 in bonus funds if your pet is chosen as Mecca Bingo's 'Pet of the Month.'

Of course, Pet of the Month isn't Mecca Bingo's only cool promotion. Win fun, free merchandise from Mecca Bingo including a free Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, a bingo apron, and other free stuff by sending in your best cake recipe. Mecca Bingo runs a huge range of fun competitions every month, complete with great prizes.

Loyalty Bonus Programs

Keep playing at Mecca Bingo and you'll earn a huge amount of bonus points and gaming credits, all of which can be spent on more bingo games. Mecca Bingo runs one of the most generous online promotional schemes for returning players, with upwards of fifteen bonus points given out for every £1 spend for loyal members.

Earn great bonus points the more you spend. At Pink Level, you'll earn fifteen bonus points for every £1 you spend on bingo games, slot machines, and classic fun games at Mecca Bingo. As you keep playing, you'll eventually progress through the levels to end up at Purple Level, where you'll earn a staggering 20 points per £1 spend online.

As well as the typical points earnings, you can earn double or triple points on special double and triple points days, as well as special prizes based on the amount of credit points you earn in any given month. Mecca Bingo even offers seasonal bonuses that pay out two or three times the normal rate on special holidays and reward dates.

Win smash hit books and top-selling novels with Mecca Bingo's online book club - a unique promotion that's rare amongst bingo websites. Every month, Mecca Bingo's promotional team gives away a top-selling book. Put yourself in the draw by using one of the free bonus codes given out by Mecca Bingo on your next bingo game.

Finally, earn a free £5 gaming credit every time it's your birthday. That's right - you can enjoy an extra online gaming credit worth £5 every year, simply for remaining a loyal Mecca Bingo customer. Enjoy online bingo with a company that remembers the important details in your life, and enjoy long-term great service from Mecca Bingo.

Great Customer Support

Unlike many other bingo websites, which require gamers to download a PC or Mac application and run it from their desktops while they play, Mecca Bingo allows all of its gamers to enjoy bingo right from the website. New games operate in a small pop-up window, while users can browse bingo games from Mecca Bingo's homepage.

Likewise, classic games and slot machine games run in a small pop-up window, a fantastic design feature that makes it easy for gamers to manage multiple games. Enjoy Mecca Bingo's huge range of online games and prize-based competitions in one of the easiest interfaces on the Internet to use, even for newbie online gamers.

Benefit from quick advice and straightforward help thanks to Mecca Bingo's round-the-clock support team. Mecca Bingo operates an online knowledgebase that's great for dedicated players, allowing them to quickly solve problems and find answers in minutes. Mecca Bingo also offers round-the-clock free phone support for gamers.

Widely regarded as the country's leading online bingo website, Mecca Bingo is one of the most popular and positively reviewed bingo websites on the Internet. With a huge assortment of games available, a dedicated support team, and some of the best bonuses and promotions of any online bingo website, it's tough to find any reasons not to play bingo online with Mecca Bingo.

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