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Kitty Review

Kitty Bingo may be launched in 2012, but it is certainly far from being inexperienced in catering to online bingo players' needs and wants. In fact, the team behind Kitty Bingo has been running bingo sites and developing online bingo platforms since the beginning of this industry. Perhaps this is also why Kitty Bingo is among the best, fully-licensed online bingo site available today.

It is also not surprising to find virtually every bingo game you have in mind being made available on Kitty Bingo's gaming platform. You can have hours of fun playing your favorite games of online bingo and meeting fellow bingo players from across the country.

Bingo Games at Kitty Bingo

Kitty Bingo focuses primarily on 90-ball bingo games. This type of online bingo game offers more rewards - three on each bingo session - and more fun. Cards are priced at as little as 1p, allowing you to play bingo even when you have a relatively limited bingo bankroll.

75-ball bingo games are also accessible on the gaming platform. Interestingly, you will come across a series of unique bingo games that can only be found at Kitty Bingo. Each bingo game offers rewarding cash prizes and tons of excitements nonetheless.

The Side Games

It is always fun to play side games while waiting for the next round to start. Kitty Bingo features a small selection of side games that are both entertaining and rewarding at the same time. Several variations of online slots can be found on the gaming platform, along with other side games including scratch cards and blackjack.

Win anything from free bingo cards to thousands in cash prizes by playing the best side games as you wait for the next bingo session to start. You can chat with other players enjoying the same side games as well, making the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Cash Prizes and Jackpots

A bingo site is never interesting enough without massive jackpots to win. At Kitty Bingo, the cash prizes and jackpots are indeed massive. The Grand Friday scheduled bingo games, for instance, offers a guaranteed jackpot of £1,000. The latest 90-ball bingo big winner took home a whopping £16,692.08.

Want to be the next Kitty Bingo big winner? Sign up for an account and get started with playing the best bingo games right away.

How to Get Started

Similar to other bingo sites, Kitty Bingo makes signing up for an account and getting started with online bingo as easy as it gets. Fill out the simple sign-up form and your account will be ready in just a few seconds. You only need to have a valid email address to get started.

Make sure you take your time and read the terms and conditions before signing up, and that you provide accurate personal information as requested. This way, you don't have to worry about not being able to withdraw your winnings when you need to.

Bonuses and special offers are yours to claim once you have completed the sign up process.

The Best Bonuses from Kitty Bingo

Want to know more about the best bonuses and special offers available at Kitty Bingo? You have come to the right place. Sign up for an account and quickly claim the £10 no-deposit bonus to get started. The bonus money can be used to play bingo games for free; this is the perfect bonus offer to claim if you are just getting started with online bingo. Yes, you can win real cash prizes even when you play bingo using the free no-deposit bonus money.

Double your initial deposit instantly with Kitty Bingo's 100% deposit-match offer. The maximum amount you can claim is £100, more than what most other bingo sites are offering. You are also entitled for a 50% re-deposit bonus of up to £100 on all - that's every single one - of your subsequent deposits.

If these bonus offers are still not attractive enough for you, be sure to check out Kitty Bingo's selection of free bingo games and 1p bingo cards offer. Both special offers are designed to help players - new and experienced alike - enjoy the best bingo playing experience without spending a lot of money in the process.

The long list of special offers doesn't stop there. Kitty Bingo offers lifelong cashback of up to 15%. Visit the site's Promotions page to find out more about how you can qualify for this particular bonus offer or to learn more about other bonuses and special offers from Kitty Bingo, including:

- £5k Cash Flash

Bingo games with guaranteed £5k surprise cash prize. This promotional offer is yours to benefit from every Friday at 9pm.

- No Limits Bingo

Ever wonder how it would feel like to win hundreds of thousands from a single bingo game? This is the game to play. Kitty Bingo's no-limit bingo games allow players to win as much money as they can imagine. As more players join the excitement, the size of the session's grand jackpot will also be increased.

- Exclusive £75 Welcome Game

Make an initial deposit and take part in the exclusive Kitty Bingo welcome game. Win the guaranteed cash prize of £75 by spending no more than 1p.

Why Kitty Bingo?

The unique bingo playing experience, endless array of side games and massive jackpots are all reasons why Kitty Bingo is a good bingo site to try. The company behind this online bingo hall completes the mix by offering staggering bonuses, tons of free bingo games and chances to win real cash prizes without spending any of your real money.

Kitty Bingo is also very beginner-friendly. The user interface is developed specifically for Kitty Bingo, offering a truly remarkable playing experience through its simple and clean interface. Moving from one game to another is very easy to do while learning more about a particular bingo session is just as easy.

Whether you are just getting started with online bingo or you are an experienced bingo player that have enjoyed hours of bingo fun, Kitty Bingo is certainly a good bingo site to try.

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