Hippo Review
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Hippo Review

How can anyone turn down a website with a big friendly hippo cartoon on it? Well that's what you get here at Hippo Bingo, a fully animated Hippo toon mascot that is all over the place luring you to fun and excitement. The animated cartoon intro is enough to delight the fun crowd and there's even more lined up from this site.


Yes, Hippo Bingo has lots of games and is part of a network of top bingo sites. The stop for nothing but the best in quality and you seasoned online bingo players will recognize some of their top flight games that you've played at her sister sites. There's of course 90 Ball Bingo the game that has taken the world by storm. Easy to play and if you get all three lines on each ticket aka a full house then you really pull in the prize money. There's 75 Ball Bingo that comes from the U.S., and is a big time favorite around the globe. High 5 Bingo where you hit a row of fie numbers in a diagonal sequence and you then rock that jackpot.

You've got progressive jackpots like Diamonds Are Forever, House Party, and Swedish Jackpot. Then there's the ever popular Team Bingo that has three major prizes. The list of featured games is impressive so let's take a look.


There's a Welcome Bonus on this site that matches 100% what you fund at start up. That's right, you get a double whammy of bingo fun just by joining and funding for play. That goes up to £100. There's also Free Bingo with a £6,000 monthly giveaway. Hetti's House, Hettie is the hippo mascot is a place for free games, promotions and more. These bonuses are designed for one thing, drawing you in and keeping you winning. This company wants you to win. They live on the fact that you keep coming back again and again because you can win. By providing such healthy bonuses you come in winning right off the bat. The 100% match is a prime example. You fund your account with £100 and you end up starting out with £200! That's giving you double the gaming firepower. Add to that the fun atmosphere and design of Hetti's House and the warm atmosphere of the online community and you win the minute you show up. The funny thing is that the minute you see this particular promotion you think something is wrong. It's legit and a welcomed one too. This means this company has the money and means to back you up.


Hippo Bingo is a sweet and tight package. It's the newest in this series of online bingo websites so it encompasses the best features and tried and true. Sure there's some innovation going on and there might be a game or two that you're not familiar with but you can rest assured it will be fun and well done. The community and chat rooms means you'll be in constant contact with your players and moderators. This is of utmost importance as it allows you to not only play but to also get those tips and community feelings. This is why a site like this is so popular. It's well laid out and shows all the details you need to know. The fact the producers of the site went to great lengths to get some very good FLASH animation to introduce the site shows they went to great lengths for quality. Clarity of the instructions too. Making sure the customer knows what they're getting into is primary and this site couldn't make things simpler. Fast payments on winnings are to be had as well. This also brings about a sense of confidence that keeps the clientele moving.

Finally, it's all about the fun, money, and atmosphere. There are online bingo sites that are as boring as watching hot water boil. They don't have many perks or promises nor the kind of infrastructure tht makes for fine gaming and entertainment. The format presented at Hippo is the kind that is light hearted. Not only that but the improving technologies that are written and developed in house means the gaming will expand to other venues. You'll be on the cutting edge of the latest online bingo fun and with the chat rooms you'll be able to talk to your friends and the company to see what to do and partake in all the fun. You just can't beat a company that covers all the bases to make sure that you can enjoy yourself and win money at a game you thrill for. You're making friends and money whenever you want and then keeping those friends a lifetime. You might even meet up one day and have more fun playing Hippo Bingo or the other games on the site. Stranger things have happened.

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