Benidorm Review
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Benidorm Review

An astonishing well put together online bingo site that features all the bells and whistles of today's online technology. It's bright without being garish and it's easy to navigate without being laden with unnecessary endless routes. It's all about the fun of playing online bingo and meeting up with like minded fans. Of course there's some money to be won but that's a given. So take a look around and see what Benidorm is all about.


This site is well designed. Bright and airy you can have fun just sitting there looking at the easy to navigate buttons and colors. You won't get eyesore on the site. Since bingo is a visual game you don't need the extra stress on they eyes. The graphics layout shows the owners know what they're doing and think about the player and surfer who needs to get where they have to go and not get confused.

What Benidorm Offers

Basically they're online bingo and all online bingo. This is the official Benidorm website so you're not looking at some affiliate link. They want you to play their site and right off the bat they want you to know the site is safe and secure with fast and reliable payouts, 100% Cash Match when you get your first deposit and a 50% bonus when you put in your second deposit.

Bingo Community

You'll love their online community as it has probably people you already know on board and a host of chat room moderators that will keep you safe and make for a great online gaming experience.

Top Notch Software

Benidorm has its own proprietary software which means things are done in-house the right way. The proof of this is that their software is award winning.


It's easy as one two three to take part in their games and it's just register, fund your account, start playing! You'll have to be 18 or older to play though.


When Benidorm says its got games, it means its got games! It looks like a video game store and not just some lame games with lame names, you'll find top Hollywood properties represented here including franchises such as Rocky, gladiator, Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four, X Men, to name a few. Needless to say this isn't a website it's a theme park! How they manage to have this many games is amazing.

Chat Masters

The online community here is very robust. You know the site is legit if they post the names and pictures of the people who run it. In the Chat Masters section you'll get to see the friendly faces behind the screen. They're a jolly lot just like you and they're here for one thing, to make your online bingo playing experience the best there is.

Help And Support

Well you can't beat live chat help other than live phone help although some might argue. That's what this site offers and that's more than enough. It's got you covered coming and going and that means you'll be worry free s you go through your bingo fun. They even have a searchable database help option too.


If you're going to play online bingo then this is the place to be. It's because at just a glance it's obvious this company is so professional that it leaves the rest in the dust. They provide so many services and chances to win that it might seem too easy. They have dozens of games as well as bonuses for signing up and playing. They have live heop, yes live help and an online community that rivals the big boys. You can actually see the person you're in chat with as the moderators' pictures are propped right there with their user profiles. It's as though this company has to get you to win. They're going all out and around the bend to make things easy, affordable and rewarding. They just might as well walk up to you and give you money. That's how much effort they've put into this site to make sure people have fun and above all win. So don't hesitate if you're looking to play some online bingo. This site won't let you down one iota.

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