Banjo Review
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Banjo Review

There's another top bingo site on the web taunting surfers with great offers and that is none other than Banjo Bingo.


First of all you can't fault a company that goes out of their way to present some funny and colorful graphics. It means they care. You'll find yourself staring at a hillbilly guy with a banjo with some people dancing in the hills. Reminiscent of the classic cartoon series "Li'l Abner" by Al Capp. That's a friendly enough introduction to the public and makes one want to stroll right in and see what's going on.

What Banjo Bingo Offers

Right off the top when visiting their site you'll see that they offer £30 free to join but that calls for a £20 deposit up front. They also offer a 50% bonus on all future deposits. They have their bingo games, rewards, a community, help and more. It really looks like a simple yet well put together website for the bingo enthusiast. They also claim what they call a £1 million jackpot coverall game.

What Games Do They Have?

A step inside reveals some very enticing games. First of which is their 90 Ball Bingo! If you're not familiar with 90 Ball Bingo you'll find it quite the popular game around the world. Originally a British game it has caught on like hotcakes. People just can't get enough of this game's format. Basically you have your ticket and when the random numbers are called you have to hit a complete line of numbers to win. However, if you fill in all three lines on the ticket to get what they refer to as a full house you really haul in the prize money.

75 Ball Bingo reportedly came from the Yanks and in this game you match your numbers on your ticket that have a pre-arranged pattern. From here you end up racking up the wins and prize money.

High 5 Bingo features a row of five numbers that are in a diagonal pattern across or from top to bottom. You can haul in the prize money by matching these numbers.


They've got some enticing rewards going on at Banjo Bingo. One of them is Diamonds Are Forever. It's a 75 Ball progressive jackpot that you can play daily in their Chatterbox chat room. It's simple to win by playing bingo on the game patter within 34 calls and the jack pot is yours. Just think of the suspense and game play knowing you can haul in the big bucks under 34 calls. The advantage of having their chat room is cool as well. You can see present time jackpots on their website and they can get up there in the thousands of pounds.

House Party is another of their jackpots. This one is based on their 90 Ball progressive jackpot. This game runs all day and night in the 90 Ball chat rooms. In this game all you've got to do is hit bingo within 40 calls. That's right, full house under 40 calls and the jackpot is yours. You can imagine the excitement and suspense as the jackpot climbs and climbs and people go for it.

Swedish Jackpot is a High 5 progressive jackpot. It too runs all day and night in their High 5 chat room. All you need to do to bring in the fat money is hit a full house under 50 calls or less and the jackpot is yours.

Team Bingo

This is just insane. Their Team Bingo section is just awesome. You have three grand prizes such as 1,000,000 LP's for first prize, 520,000 LP's for second prize, and 200,000 for third. This is where the real bingo players show up to show off their skills. The Team Bingo rules and results are precise and you can either team up with three of your friends or you can have Banjo Bingo pick three team mates for you. It's full bore bingo playing and you'll be playing their regular games like 90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo as well as Swedish Bingo. The fighting is furious but fun and the jackpots large. It's a great place for beginners too because they get to see how the big dogs do it.

Chat Rooms

Each game has its own chat room and the online community is wonderful. You'll never be alone when it comes to playing bingo, just shooting the breeze, or more. The bingo online community is a tight one and that calls for friendships that may last longer than the games themselves. There's more than enough prize money to go around and teaming up and sharing tips can really enhance one's strategies. The moderators of these chat rooms are hand picked by the company which is under Gibraltar rules. They know that your comfort and entertainment are foremost to their success as well.


Banjo Bingo has lots of customer support and one of the most comprehensive game support pages seen anywhere. They really want you to play their games and enjoy yourself. They have every player contingency covered and it takes for some reading to digest it all. They have detailed data regarding the very essence of the game of online bingo and that includes the technical information as well as the game play information. They leave no stone unturned and also have contact information should you need even more help. It's obvious from the support page they really mean business and your well being and safety are a high priority. The make sure they cover what happens to your money, your resources, your tickets, your prize earnings and more. They want you to know where it is and when it is. No fooling around with this company as they are under strict standards.


Banjo Bingo is a well put together online bingo site. It has lots of bells and whistles based on the parent company that created it and it has enough members that you'll never feel alone while playing. The bonus games and goodies make it easier to win extra stuff and the chat rooms and community keep you up to date on news and strategy. Real time stats and a healthy help menu makes Banjo Bingo a nice place to rest your bingo tickets.

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