50 Shades Review
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50 Shades Review

The brand new bingo site 50 Shades of Bingo is one of the most recent sites to hit the online bingo scene. The name of this website is extremely attention grabbing when you think about how popular the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy is. This site will definitely interest a wide variety of bingo players considering all of the great things that it has to offer. 50 Shades of Bingo opened its doors in January of 2013 however you will find nothing painful about playing bingo here. The site operates on the Beast online bingo software which is going to be offering many exciting things when it comes to game play.

While players are able to play bingo from the comfort of their home they will no doubt enjoy the lively interactive chat that can go on while taking part in some of the best bingo games on the internet. 50 Shades of Bingo is offering an extremely friendly gaming environment and is planning to create one of the best social bingo communities around.

The Website

If you are a new player to 50 Shades of Bingo you will be very pleased to find out that by depositing £10 you will be able to get a £30 bonus deal. That means that you will get an exciting 300% bonus just for taking the time to register and explore the site.

It is extremely simple to register at 50 Shades of Bingo. You will need to fill out a section with your personal information, your account information and your financial information. It will take you but a few minutes to complete the sign up process.

There are all kinds of fun games to take part in on 50 Shades of Bingo besides playing bingo itself. There are slot games as well as scratch card games in 3D. You will also find Retro Games, Ball Games and Virtual Games.

The three bingo rooms on the website offer something fun for every player and offer great value and wonderful prizes. A mobile version of this site is currently in the works.

As soon as you arrive at 50 Shades of Bingo players will be greeting by a host of tempting offers. The colors on this website are very appealing which further adds to the overall appeal of the website.

Thrilling Promotions

Players will find many thrilling promotions going on at 50 Shades of Bingo. This is great news as many bingo players tend to get bored with being offered the same things and really enjoy fresh new offers. While Red or Black is a fairly familiar promotion the way that is played here is quite different. At this website the promotion is played as a quiz with three rounds. Three players are going to win £2 right on the spot and be entered in a drawing at the end of the game where they will be asked a question that will concern Red or Black. If the question is answered correctly the player will be given a gift certificate to Amazon.com.

Lively Chat Rooms

Players at 50 Shades of Bingo will absolutely love the lively, social atmosphere that can be found at the website. The chat hosts that are on the site are incredibly delightful and the prize money to be had is not too bad either. By taking a look at the chat room you will find players busy chatting and chat hosts that are busy running chat games. It is defiantly one of the busiest chat rooms that players will find on an online bingo website.


As a player you will be excited to know that you will get a free £5 with no required deposit when you are done registering at 50 Shades of Bingo. Players will also enjoy a 300% bonus when making a deposit of at least £10 in addition to a 200% reload bonus available on every subsequent deposit. This makes it very hard to resist playing at this website.

The Facebook Page

If you are looking to keep up with all of the exciting things going on at 50 Shades of Bingo you will definitely want to check out their Facebook Page. You can really see the site’s commitment to encouraging a social atmosphere on this page as well as it is full of busy chatter from those that run the website and those that enjoy playing at the website. There are also great prize giveaways going on here as well some prizes to be had for as little as liking and sharing the page.

Player Protection

50 Shades of Bingo run by the Radical Gaming Group hardily encourages responsible gaming. The group has put together a page on their website to help with several issues concerning responsible gaming. Players can get assistance with the parental controls, deposit limits, access to account history, self-imposed player limits and self-exclusion. All of this information is to help make sure that players have the best gaming experience possible.

Customer Care

Players will feel confident that all of their questions or their concerns will be dealt with promptly when playing at 50 Shades of Bingo. All you need to do is visit the sites Support Area to see what types of support are available to you. If you ever need help registering on this site there are two different numbers available to you for assistance between the hours of 10am and 10pm. Support hours for the website are from 10am until 11pm and all players need to do is submit a support ticket in the Support Area of the website. If you are looking for live support on the website players can find live chat support available from 10am until 11pm, 7 days a week.

So if you are looking for an exciting new site to enjoy online bingo then 50 Shades of Bingo is the right website for you. From the exciting new promotions to the great game play to the active social community 50 Shades of Bingo offers something for every player.

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