Online Games That Can Help Improve Your Memory

 Paul Greenhalgh   General   24 July, 2014

Online games are now widely being talked about as a great way to keep your brain fit and agile. There are now plenty of brain-training games that promise to help improve memory skills. These games target specific memory skills that you should improve in order to get your brain sharp and working great again. Within a couple of weeks, you should see marked improvements in your memory capabilities.

Name That Name

Created by BBC, Name that Name is an online game that helps your ability to put a name to a face. This is a skill that is crucial in life, and can avoid many embarrassing moments when you cannot remember someone's name. The game shows you a series of pictures of people's faces and names and then tests your ability to name as many as you can. The game shows you how to use a simple technique of making a connection between the name that is said and a face. Although it requires a little effort in the beginning, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to put a name to anyone's face in an instance.

Objects in Order

If you are having trouble memorizing lists then this game can drastically help you remember lists of items. In this online game, all that is required of you is to remember a series of objects in the right order. It will teach you that instead of trying to memorize random facts or items, using a linking system in order to improve your memory is a great technique. By forming a connection between facts or items and thinking about an action sequence to combine the items, no list will be too long for your memory.

Name That Number

There are plenty of required numbers that you need to memorize such as PIN numbers, birthdays and other dates. In this memorization improvement game you are shown pictures and numbers, your job is to remember which number goes with the picture. This game demonstrates a chunking method to help you remember long numbers by breaking them down into more manageable pieces. It also shows you how to improve your memory through associations and patterns. After a few rounds of this game, you never have to worry about forgetting your social security number or other important numbers again.


This game is all about the classic quest of finding matching pairs of cards. The game of memory is a classic way to improve your own memory skills by trying to match cards that are face down, and selecting two of the cards to find a pair. The point of the game is to try to remember which images are on the cards when you flip it over so that you can quickly find pairs. You have completed the game when all of the pairs have been matched and you have no more cards left. This game is a fun way to improve your memory skills.

Lights Out

Lights out is a quick light game that will challenge your memory skills and test your memorization. All that you need to do in order to play this game is to watch a pattern of lights that go on and off in apartment buildings, and then repeat the pattern. This game is by, which have plenty of other online memory games that you can play in order to drastically improve your memory skills. The best part of this website is that these games are designed for you to enjoy yourself, and not just improve your memory.

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